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New WordPress theme from YOOtheme

This month YOOtheme brings you another great template: Bloc! Its 3D-design is great for creating rich media portals, band websites, blogs or sports sites. We created a lot of very unique template variations and for sure it will give your site a brand new modern look.

The main content wrappers are displayed as 3D blocks and new module variations offer some nice 3D effects. The Mega Drop Down Menu has a fancy hover effect and even the left menu got a new ribbon hover style.

We have also added a special header position which fits perfectly the 3D block and can be used to present a large header image. The toolbar and logo will be shown nicely above the image. There is also an additional logo position in this template. Now you have the possibility to put a second smaller logo next to the Drop Down Menu.

Get Neo and join the YOOtheme club today.

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  • Mike
    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:19 pm |

    What a great and useful article!

  • Bill
    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:20 pm |

    What a wonderful blog! Thumbs up!

    • Steve
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:21 pm |

      I agree! It is really a beautiful blog.

    • Tom
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:21 pm |

      Yes, that is right! Loving it!

    • John Q. Public
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:22 pm |

      Thank you all for the positive feedback!

  • Dave
    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:23 pm |

    Thanks guys, you offer awesome themes!

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